API Documentation

This is the base page serving links to all Preservica Swagger-styled API documentation pages.
Please note: access to some APIs may be restricted or subject to a transaction limit, based on your current Preservica edition.
/admin Administration and Management API
API for administration and management tasks
/accesstoken Authentication API
API for managing user authentication.
/auth Auth Management API
API for managing authentication configuration.
/analytics Analytics API
API for getting analytics data.
/content Content API
API for accessing Preservica content and displaying on discovery platforms.
/entity Entity API
API for content read and write - to retrieve and update information about entities within the Preservica data store.
/location Location API
API for interacting with locations (aka sources)
/metadata Metadata API
API for retrieving and updating metadata configuration.
/par PAR API
API for retrieving and updating business rules, preservation actions etc from a Preservation Action Registries (PAR) compliant endpoint.
/processmonitor Process Monitoring API
API for retrieving and updating monitoring information about processes.
/remote-contributors Remote contributors API
Remote contributors API.
/report Report API
API to list available reports, send requests for reports and download them.
/reference-metadata Reference Metadata API
API for retrieving reference metadata.
/security Security API
API for retrieving and updating information in the Preservica security model.
/settings Settings API
API for retrieving information about configuration settings.
/storage Storage API
API for retrieving storage details.
/user User API
API for getting user details and managing users.
/workflow Workflow API
API for control tasks and workflow administration - to access information about workflows, manage their definitions and contexts as well as control their execution.
/webhook Webhook API
API for getting webhook details and managing webhooks.